The main objective


The principal objective of the ARCADES project is raising awareness in schools in the European Union about data protection and privacy and in this way reinforcing children’s protection of personal data in the online environment. In order to achieve this objective the data protection and privacy related content will be introduced at schools in the European Union by means of providing training on privacy and data protection (two-day seminars for teachers) and disseminating the gained information among pupils. Also, the publication from the obtained results of the project will be issued.


The list of anticipated results:


  • An increased level of awareness of personal data protection and the right to privacy among teachers and pupils of primary, secondary and high school in order to achieve informed, responsible attitudes among them;


  • An increased level of knowledge with regard to data protection and privacy issues among teachers and pupils of primary, secondary and high school;


  • The publication which includes the results of the project (a unified set of teaching aids for teachers - leaflets, posters and printed documentation of data protection principles and lessons’ scenarios selected from the contest for schools);


  • “The model scenario”, awarded in the contest for schools can set an example of the lesson devoted to data protection and privacy issues. The author (teacher) and his/her pupils will be awarded prize in each project’s partner countries.


  • “The model scenario” will be included in the publication and will be presented during the final conference, which is going to take place in Brussels in January 2016, on the occassion of the 10th Data Protection Day;


  • Strengthening cooperation not only between institutions who have joined the project but also between other European DPAs which could adapt the content of the publication on their national ground.




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